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Current developments regarding the coronavirus

Closed for safety reasons

At, the health and safety of our members, colleagues and trainers have the highest priority. Due to the current development of the coronavirus epidemic in connection with the decision of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (BAG), we have decided to close all clubs until 30/04/2020.

Due to the current developments of the coronavirus (Covid-19), we have followed the decision of the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) and have closed all clubs until 30/04/2020. We are in close contact with the BAG in this regard and follow the instructions strictly.

In the event of closure ordered by the BAG or the authorities, membership is suspended while the club is closed. Your membership will be extended by the time the studio was closed. The total period of your subscription is therefore not limited or shortened.

All clubs will remain closed until 30/04/2020. As soon as the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) assumes that the acute situation has been defused and we are able to guarantee the risk-free use of our services by carrying out a decontamination, we will reopen the clubs and inform all persons involved about the further procedure.

So that you can remain active within your own four walls, we have now released the entire Group Fitness On-Demand offer for you free of charge during the period of studio closure. Experience the real course feeling with over 40 inspiring LIVE Classes for all goals and levels. Further information can be found here.

Here you will also find many workouts for different muscle groups. Many of these exercises can be easily done outside, but also at home to keep you fit. More videos and motivation are available on Instagram or Facebook as well.

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You can keep up to date on the coronavirus on the official website of the BAG auf dem Laufenden bleiben.
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