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We are fitness



Clubs all over Switzerland with more already planned


More than 80,000 members and we are continuing to grow steadily


Employees who are there to take exclusive care of the well-being of our members

Our clubs are all over switzerland

and we are a growing company

We believe fitness training should be a core part of our lives and we strive to become better and to grow each day for our guests and members.
Our aim is not to satisfy you, we want to delight you as we will be delighted every time you recommend us to others. Fitness training is our life, our work and our passion.


About us

From the beginning

Who we are

The first studio was opened in 2008 with the aim of making fitness available in Switzerland to ordinary people, at affordable prices, locally and to a high standard. This philosophy remains unchanged to this day, and is confined to what really matters:

  • very good infrastructure
  • friendly, motivated employees
  • high hygiene standards
  • health insurance recognition
  • easy to access in a central location

After the first studio was opened in Volketswil, thanks to many satisfied members and guided by a concept that was new for Switzerland, we continued to expand within German-speaking Switzerland. Today (June 2020), boasts a network of a total of 40 fitness clubs and around 350 employees, who take care of

our roughly 80,000 members with great passion and commitment.

Since late 2018, AG has been a daughter company of the Danish market leader FITNESS WORLD, which itself became part of the British PureGym at the end of 2019. As a member of this strong group, with  around 1.8 million members (as at February 2020), we belong to one of the three largest fitness chains in Europe, and are therefore perfectly positioned to pursue and realise our ambitious goals. This will enable us to make an even bigger and more important contribution to the fitness and health of the Swiss population in the future.


What we stand for

Our philosophy

Our goals

Our success storyis still being written, as we aim to become the number one fitness provider in Switzerland in the medium term.

As well as expanding and maintaining our existing network, we intend to make our mark in western Switzerland in the foreseeable future.

Our mission has been, and still is, to convince as many people as possible, from all age groups, regardless of heritage, financial status, gender or impairments, that fitness training can increase their quality of life and that a membership at is an excellent investment in their health.

Our values

At we believe in the abilities and creativity of every individual, and that we are strongest together.

We have a deep-seated sense of responsibility internally and this is transferred to our employees at the fitness studios. We have a track record for turning problems into solvable challenges and thereby achieving the best possible outcomes with the available means.

Not least since the takeover by FITNESS WORLD, and especially now as part of an international fitness group, we’re committed to our responsibility in line with our mission of providing an important service for the well-being and health of Swiss society. This theme runs through all our initiatives, and is anchored in our principles of conduct and leadership.

This ensures an open feedback culture and a workplace atmosphere in which people not only enjoy their work but are also encouraged to contribute good ideas regardless of their position. to be rebranded into PureGym

All clubs will be rebranded by end of 2021

By end of 2021 all clubs will be rebranded into PureGym. had already been part of the PureGym group since 2019.

More information will be coming soon and members will be informed as soon as more details are available with regards to the rebranding of the clubs.

During the rebrand the clubs will remain accessible, clubs will not be closed. Two weeks are estimated to be needed per club for the rebranding.

The rebrand will not change anything about the current subscriptions of our members. as an employer

Always on the lookout

What are we looking for?

We want you! As a young or young-at-heart personality with a particular interest in:

  • fitness and/or the health sector
  • daily customer contact and a desire to apply yourself actively in your work

Together we’re stronger!

Training at

We train! is a great partner for training in the fitness sector. In the last five years alone, more than 90 of our employees have achieved a vocational qualification, a federal certificate or a university degree.


Apprentices at

Are you interested in fitness and would you like a career in this field? At we offer two apprenticeships. Apprenticeship for the ‘Specialist in Exercise and Health Promotion’ Federal VET Diploma takes place at the clubs. At our headquarters, students study for the ‘Business Management’ Federal VET Diploma. Specialist knowledge is acquired at the vocational school and put into practice in the company. Both trainings offer a solid foundation for starting your professional career.

Two young men meeting at gym and giving each other handshake

Students at

Would you like to start working in the fitness sector after you graduate high school?  This is possible with a dual Bachelor & Master degree from our partner university, the DHfPG (German University for Prevention and Healthcare Management). At you can complete different courses of study, such as ‘Fitness Economy’ or ‘Health Management’. The dual training offers the best prerequisites for a career in the fitness sector.


Are you keen to try something new? Do you love fitness and working with people?

Are you keen to try something new? Do you love fitness and working with people? Then you’re in the right place. offers two different options for entering the fitness sector for those who want a change of career. Our partner, the SAFS (Swiss Academy of Fitness & Sports), provides training for the ‘Specialist in Exercise and Health Promotion’ Swiss Federal Certificate as well as ‘Fitness trainer with industry certificate’. At the same time you gain practical experience in the company and take on increasing responsibility there.


What we offer

  • free sessions in all of our studios
  • employee discounts on all of our products
  • good insurance options
  • a dynamic team in which you can fully apply your skills and personality
  • 5 weeks’ holiday
  • remuneration in line with the market

As we’re continuously expanding our business and growing as a fitness provider, you’ll find plenty of development opportunities with us.

Open positions

Due to our continuing expansion, we’re always on the lookout for new, qualified colleagues!

Reach the next level with us, as a fitness trainer  or in one of our retail management positions as a club manager (branch manager) or  regional manager. But if you think you’re more suited to the back office, then become part of our competent administration team in the  areas of:

  • operations management
  • customer service
  • marketing
  • finance
  • human resources
  • facility management / retail development
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