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24 months 399

There’s never been a better offer!
Fitness at the highest level now with the Fitness All Inclusive subscription for only CHF 399.00

Do you prefer fitness training with all the bells and whistles? We’ve got just the right thing for you. With the Fitness All Inclusive subscription, you have a wide choice of mineral drinks, access to our solarium and a more efficient way to work out thanks to vibration training. Because this type of training stimulates 97% of your muscle fibres.

We also have the perfect solution for fitness lovers with limited time: Group Fitness On Demand. Get the real course experience with over 40 exciting LIVE classes for all goals and fitness levels from the comfort of your home via smartphone, web browser and smart TV! Fitness has never been so easy and efficient.

That all sounds too good to be true? Not at, because we make fitness available to everyone. Enjoy the benefits of the Fitness All Inclusive subscription for CHF 399.00.:

  • 24 month contract
    The Fitness All Inclusive subscription is valid for 24 months for an incredible CHF 399.00.
  • Solarium and beverage flat rate
    Take advantage of our wide range of isotonic drinks that provide your body with the essential minerals for your fitness. Relax your muscles in our solarium and recharge your batteries with valuable vitamin D. You can find more information about our flat rates here.
  • Vibration training
    Fit through vibration: with vibration training, you train all muscle groups effectively and stimulate 97% of your muscle fibres. So you can quickly achieve success and improve your performance. Further information can be found here.
  • Group Fitness on-Demand
    With Group Fitness On-Demand you can achieve your fitness goals within your own four walls. Whether you want to get fitter, lose weight or strengthen your muscles – with Group Fitness On Demand you can train where and when you want via Smartphone, Web, Laptop & Smart TV!
  • Open 365 days a year
    We are open for you every day, even on Sundays and holidays.
  • Health insurance reimbursement
    Our fitness centres are qualitop recognized and you can get up to CHF 300.00 CASH BACK from your health insurance. Simply download the form and send it to your health insurance company.
  • Training support included
    Your fitness is our top priority. Together we will achieve your fitness goals and bring your body in top shape. Several times a year, we will set up your individual training plan.
  • Free parking spaces
    No more searching for a parking space! We offer you free parking in our clubs so that you have more time for your training. The parking situation varies from club to club.

What more do you need? Don’t think about it for too long. Act now! Get the Fitness-Abo All Inclusive for just CHF 399.00 online now – only in November.

We look forward to seeing you.
Your team

*Offer valid only up to 30/11/2020 in Rorschach, St.Gallen West und St.Gallen City. Switches to the normal tariff of CHF 499.00 if the subscription is extended – including CHF 200 for the flat-rate savings package. Access to other clubs is not included in the price during the first 24 months. Valid for new members only. Cannot be combined with other promotions or campaigns. Cash redemptions are not possible.